1999 Tsugami BS20-II

1999 Tsugami BS20-II

Control: Fanuc LH1

Iemca Boss 325 Bar feeder

Max. Bar Diameter: 1 1/4″

Z1-Axis Travel: 9.75″ (synchronous to Z2)

Main Spindle

Spindle Speed: 200-7,000 RPM

Indexing: Full C-Axis (.001degree)

Programmable Servo Axis Designations

Z1 Main Headstock In and Out: 9.75″

T1 O.D. Tool Slide Up and Down: 11.6″

X1 O.D. Tool Slide Right and Left: 2.28″

X2 I.D. Tool Slide Up and Down: 8.66″

Auxiliary Slide Motion

Z2 I.D. Tool Slide In and Out: 7.88″ ( synchronous to Z1)

Sub Spindle

Max. Diameter: 1 1/4″

Max. Drill Capacity- Mild Steel: .472″

Max Tap Capacity-Mild Steel: .393″

Speed Range: 200-6,000RPM

Power Rating: 2.7HP

Sub-Spindle Indexing: 5 Degree Increment

Part Ejection: Front or Rear Ejection

HP of Main Spindle: 7.5Hp

Driven Tool Drive Motor Rating: 1.5Hp

Max. Speed Cross Tool T10-T12: 200-5,000RPM

Max. Speed Cross Tool T13: 120-3,000RPM

Number of Tool Stations: 6 OD,5 ID, 3 ID/OD/B/W Tools

4 Cross Driven Tools, 2 Driven B/W

Tooling Sizes, Turning: 5/8″ Square

Specs to be verified by purchaser

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