2006 Tsugami BU38SY

Control: Fanuc 18i-TB

Parts Conveyor

Chip Conveyor

FMB Turbo 5-55 Magazine Barfeed

High Press Coolant Pump

Max. Turning Diameter: 1.496

Max. Turning Length: 9.842

Collet Type/ Capacity: Guide Bushing

Main Spindle: 1

RPM Main Spindle: 600 rpm

Nose: Guide Bushing

Max. Tools Turning: 7

Max. Tools Rotary: 2

Round Tool Shank Size: 0.750″

Rotary Tool Shank Size: 0.250″

Rotary Tool Spindle: 8,000 rpm

Second Tool Carrier: Turret

Max. Tools Turning: 8

Max. Tools Rotary: 4

Square Tool Shank Size: 0.500″

Round Tool Shank Size: 1.000″

Rotary Tool Shank Size: 0.500″

Rotary Tool Spindle: 5400 rpm

Simultaneous Cutting Tools: 2

Number of Axes: 8

Specs to be verified by purchaser

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wwchicago • July 26, 2019

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