2001 Tornos Deco 13/16Basic i

LNS Express 326 Magazine Bar Feed

Control: PNC-Deco

Simulatneous Axis: All Axes can be Interpolated

Max. Diameter: 13mm

Max. Length: 160mm

Main Spindle Speed: 100-12,000rpm

Main Spindle Indexing: 15 degree

Main Spindle Power: 2.2 kW

Guide Bushing Holder: X1/Y1

Number of Tools ( fixed or turning) : 5

Tool Size: 12mm x 12mm

3 Programmable rpm: 100-8000rpm

Counter Spindle: X2/Y2/Z2

Max. Number Fixed End Tools: 3

Max. Number Stationary Turning Tools: 3

Max. Diameter: 13mm

Counter Spindle Index: 15 degree

Programmable Speed: 100-12,000rpm

Max. Power for Counter Spindle: 1.5 kW

Specs to be verified by purchaser

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wwchicago • August 9, 2019

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