2006 Miyano BNE 51S

Chuck Size:

Main: 6″

Sub Spindle: 4″

Max. Turning Diameter: 2″

Type of Collet Chuck: Stationary

Max. Turning Length: 3.54″

Spindle Speed Range: (Main) 54-4,000 rev/min

Main Spindle Motor: 20 HP

Sub Spindle Max. : 7.5 HP

Upper Turret Slide Travel

X Axis: 5.9″

Z Axis: 14.96″

Lower Turret Slide Travel

X Axis: 4.5″

Z Axis: 4.9″

Upper Turret Tool Spindle Speed Range: 203-4,050 rev/min

Upper Turret Tool Spindle Motor: AC 3HP

Specs to be verified by purchaser

Contact us for more information at:

Dan 815-236-1069 dan@wwechicago.com

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wwchicago • September 6, 2019

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