2015 Tsugami BO205II

Minute Man 320 SE Bar Feed

MP System

Tri Mist 850

Fire Trace

Parts Conveyor

Working Barstock Diameter: .12″ to .79″

Max. Working Length: Rotary Guide Bushing 8.26″ / Guide Bushing 1.77″

Max. Main Spindle Drilling Diameter: .39″

Max. Main Spindle Tapping Diameter: M10

Max. Back Spindle Chucking Diameter: .79″

Max. Back Spindle Drilling Diameter: .31″

Max. Back Spindle Tapping Diameter: M8

Main Spindle Speed: 200 to 10,000 min

Back Spindle Speed: 200 to 12,000min

Total Tool Storage Capacity: 21

Tool Size: .47″ x .47″ x 3.35″

Controlled Axis: 5 axis

Specs to be verified by purchaser

Contact us for more information at

Dan 815-236-1069 dan@wwechicago.com

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wwchicago • January 31, 2020

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