2000 Citizen M20

Mitsubishi Control

Iemca Mini Boss 332 Bar Feed

8 Line Cool Blaster

Max. Bar Diameter: 20mm

Spindle Rotation Speed: 200-8100 rpm

Spindle Power: 3,7 KW

C Axis on Main Spindle and Sub Spindle

Number of Tools on Main Spindle: 8 ( 3 Motorized)

Driven Tools Rotation Speed: 5,000 rpm

Turret: 10 Positions

Sub Spindle Max. Diameter: 20mm

Sub Spindle Rotation Speed: 7200 rpm

Specs to be verified by purchaser

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Dan 815-236-1069 dan@wwechicago.com

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wwchicago • July 24, 2020

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