2007 Mori GV503

Chip Conveyor X Axis: 24.02″ Y Axis: 20.08″+3.15″ + APC Travel Z Axis: 18.11″ Distance From Table Surface To Spindle Gage Plane: 5.91″-24.02″ Distance From Floor Surface To Table Surface: 39.37″ Table Work Surface: 29.53″ x 21.65″ Table Loading Capacity: 660lbs Table Surface Configuration: 18mm T-Slot 5 pcs. Pitch 100mm Spindle Speed: 12,000 RPM Number…

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2003 Star SB16C

Control: Fanuc 18i-TB LNS Express 332 Bar Feed Parts Conveyor Chip Conveyor Rigid Tapping Function Max. Machining Diameter: 5/8″ Max. Headstock Stroke Stationary GB: 8″ Max. Headstock Stroke Revolving GB: 6-3/32″ Tools: 6 Max. Main Spindle Speed: 10,000 min. Main Spindle Motor: 2.2kw / 3.7 kw Rapid Feed Rate: 35m/min. ( X,Y,Z ZB) Max. Chucking…

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2003 Star SA16R

Control: Fanuc 18i-TA LNS Express 332 Bar Feed Chip Conveyor Parts Conveyor Main Spindle Indexing Unit 15 Degree Indexing Gear 3 Spindle Cross Drilling Canned Cycle For Drilling Rigid Tapping Function Max. Machining Diameter: 5/8″ Number of Tools: 6 Max. Drilling : 9/32″ Max. Tapping: M6xP1.0 Max. Main Spindle Speed:12,000 min -1 Main Spindle Motor:…

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Mori Seiki MV 40/40

Control: CNC X Axis: 31.5″ Y Axis: 16.1″ Z Axis: 20″ Power: 10 HP RPM: 8,000 RPM ATC: 20 Table Width: 17.7″ Table Length: 45.5″ Taper: CAT-40 Axis: 3 Specs to be verified by purchaser Contact us for more information at Dan 815-236-1069 dan@wwechicago.com

2008 Leadwell LTC-50BL

Control: Fanuc Chuck Size: 15″ Max. Swing: 33″ Swing Over Slide: 27.55″ Travel X: 18″ Travel Z: 82.7″ Center Distance: 80″ Programmable Tail Stock: Yes Turret: 12 Station Turret Tooloing: VDI 60 Specs to be verified by purchaser Contact us for more information at: Dan 815-236-1069 dan@wwechicago.com Joe 785-473-1578 worldwdjoe@gmail.com Chip Conveyor Full C Axis…

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2015 Tsugami SS327-5AX

Control: Fanuc 31i-B5 FMB Bar Feed Chip Conveyor Parts Conveyor Long Parts Attachment MP High Pressure System Max. Bar Stock: 32mm Axis: 7 Sliding Headstock / Guide Bushing Convertible: Can Run Without Guide Bushing (Chucker) Max. Length With Guide Bushing: 320mm Max. Length Without Guide Bushing: 70mm Number of Tools: 38 Live Tool Positions (…

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2012 Citizen A-32VII

Edge C332 Magazine Bar Feed CNC Mitsubishi Meldas/ Windows Based/ Cincom Rotary Guide Bushing Live Back Working Parts Conveyor High Pressure Coolant System 4 Spindle Hole: 1.25″ RPM: 8000 rpm Power: 6.7hp Specs to be verified by purchaser Contact us for more information at Dan 815-236-1069 dan@wwechicago.com

2012 Mazak Nexus 510C II

Chip Conveyor Coolant Thru Probe Table Size: 51.18″ x 21.65″ Table Load Capacity: 2,646 lbs X Axis Travel: 41.3″ Y Axis Travel: 20″ Z Axis Travel: 20″ Spindle Taper: CAT 40 Spindle Speeds:12,000RPM Spindle Motor 10/30/Cont. Min: 25/ 20/10HP Distance From Table Top To Spindle Nose: 5.9″ – 25.98″ Tool Magazine Capacity: 30 Position ATC…

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2007 Haas SL20

Control: Haas Servo Bar 300 Barfeed Chip Conveyor Parts Conveyor Tail Stock Tool Stetter 8″ Chuck Max. Swing: 23″ Max. Turning Diameter: 10.3″ Max. Turning Length: 20″ Spindle Bore: 2″ Spindle Speed: 4,000RPM Spindle Motor:20HP X Axis : 8.45″ Z Axis: 20″ Specs to be verified by purchaser Contact us for more information at: Dan…

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2012 Haas ST30

Control: Haas Big Bore 15″ Chuck Fully Programmable Tail Stock Ethernet Capable RS 232 Port Interface 15″ Color LCD Monitor Robot Interface Chip Conveyor Parts Conveyor Thru Hole: 4″ Max. Swing Over Apron: 31.75″ Max. Cutting Diameter: 21″ Max. Turning Length: 26″ Travel X Axis: 12.5″ Z Axis: 26″ Rapid Traverse Rate: 945IPM Max. Bar…

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2003 Citizen C16VII

We Have 2 Available Cincom Control CAV 16C Barfeed Chip Conveyor Fire Suppression Cool Blast 8 Line High Pressure Max. Machining Diameter: .625″ Max. Machining Length : 7.87″ Main Spindle : 10,000 RPM Main Spindle Indexing Full C Max. Chucking Diameter: . 625″ Pick Off Motor: 2.5 HP Turning Tools on Gang: 6 Rotary Tools…

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2019 OKK HM-1000S

Control: Fanuc 31i-B5 Pallet Table Dimensions: 39.37″ x 39.37″ Max. Load On Pallet: 5,500lbs Spindle Taper: 7/24 taper # 50 Minimum Spindle Speeds: 35 rpm Max. Spindle Speeds: 12,000 rpm Rapid Traverse Rate X,Y,Z axis: 1,889 ipm Axis Motor X Axis: 7.4 hp Y Axis: 12.1hp Z Axis: 8.0hp Max. X Axis Thrust : 3,905lbs…

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2015 Star SR32J

Control: Fanuc 32i-B FMB Turbo 3-38 Magazine Barfeed Chip Conveyor Parts Conveyor 4 Line High Pressure Max. Machining Diameter: 1-1/4″ Max. Chucking Diameter: 1-1/4″ Max. Length for Front Ejection: 4-59/64″ Max. Parts Projection Length: 1-49/64″ Number of Tools: 4 Tools OP Back Spindle Number of Tools: 4 OP Max. Drilling Stationary Tool: 33/64″ Power Driven…

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2006 Daewoo Lynx 220

Fanuc Control LNS Quick Load Barfeed Tail Stock Parts Catcher Parts Conveyor Coolant Tank & Pump Swing Over Bed: 20.1″ Max. Turning Diameter: 12.6″ Max. Turn Length: 20.7″ Bar Capacity: 2.68″ Spindle Bore: 2.99″ Chuck Size: 8″ Spindle Motor: 20hp Spindle Nose: A2-6 Spindle Speed: 4,000 rpm Turret Stations: 12 Specs to be verified by…

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2005 Miyano BNE 51SY

LNS Servo 3 Short Magazine Barfeed Control: Fanuc 18iT Parts Conveyor 3 Live Tools Max. Swing (upper-lower): 20″/17″ Max. Turning Diameter: 17″ Max. Turning Length: 17.72″ Collet Chuck Size Main Spindle: 8″ Collet Chuck Size Sub Spindle: 6″ Spindle Bore: 2.4″ Bar Capacity: 2″ Spindle Drive ( R/L Spindle) : 14.75hp, 7.37hp Spindle Speed: 54-4000…

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2007 Tsugami BS26CIII

We have two Tsugami’s available Control: Fanuc18i-TB Iemca Boss 332 Magazine Barfeed Fire Suppression High Pressure Controlled Axis: 7 Axis Axis Designation: X1,Z1,A,C1,X2,Z2,(Y2) Rapid Traverse Rates: 787 IPM Cutting Deed Rate: 1-6,000mm/min Specs to be verified by purchaser Contact us for more information at Dan 815-236-1069 dan@wwechicago.com

2006 Okuma MA600HB

Flexible Manufacturing System 3 Machines Hooked up to FMS Spindle Hours: #1 23,345 #2 18,920 hours #3 25,946 hours Control: Okuma OSP-200M with Windows XP operating system 630 mm square with 5×5 grid of 5/8-11 tapped holes 125mm apart 30 Pallet Feed Pots per FMS: 960 Tool Reference: 3 Digit Tool Group Number Reads Tooling…

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2017 Okuma MA600HBII

Concept 2000 Chip Conveyor Full 4th Axis 1000 PSI MP System 60 ATC Travels: X: 39.37″ Y: 35.43″ Z: 39.37″ Work Area: 24.8″ x 24.8″ Indexing Angle: .001 Spindle Speed Min-1: 50-12,000 Taper Bore: 7/24 Taper NO. 50 Bearing Dia.: 3.94″ Rapid Traverse ( X,Y,Z): 2362 Table Drive Motor: 4.8 hp Tool Shank Type: MAS403…

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2010 Okuma MB5000H

Chip Conveyor Full Fourth Axis CAT: 40 Taper ATC : 110 Tools Coolant Thru High Pressure MP Systems 1000PSI Coolant System 15,000 rpm Max. Machining Volume: 29.92″ x 29.92″ x 29.92″ Rotary Pallet Size: 19.69″ x 19.69″ Rapid Traverse: 2,362 ipm Equipped with 2 Tombstones Windows XP Operating System with Significant Standard Connectivity & Memory…

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2011 Okuma MB-4000H

Full Fourth Axis Shower Coolant Coolant Thru Spindle MP Systems 1000PSI Coolant System High Pressure Auto Gauging Renishaw OMP400HA-OM12 Spindle Head Cooling Tool Breakage Detection ATC: 110 Tools CAT: 40 Taper Chip Conveyor (2) Jergens Towers Max. Machining Volume: 22.05″x 22.05″x 24.61″ Rotary Pallet Size: 15.75″ x 15.75″ High Speed Cartridge Spindle Spindle Speed: 15,000…

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