2016 Eurotech Elite B465-T3-Y3

Patriot 551 Bar Feed

Control: Fanuc 31iTT

High Pressure

LNS Fox WS330 Filtration System

Spindle Size: 56mm

Dual Spindles

Live Tooling

Dual Turrets

Max. Machining Diameter: 70mm

Max. Machining Length: 200mm

Max. Workable Length: 230mm

Max. Diameter Swing: 220mm

Main Spindle

Max. Speed: 4000rpm

Spindle Nose: ASA6″

Spindle Bore: 78mm

Inside Diameter of Bearings: 110mm

Chuck Diameter: 165/210mm

Motor Power: 26kw

C Axis: Programmable Value 0,001degree min.

Sub Spindle

Max. Speed: 5000rpm

Spindle Nose: ASA 5″

Spindle Bore: 55mm

Inside Drawtube Diameter: 45mm

Inside Diameter Bearings: 90mm

Chuck Diameter: 165mm

Motor Power: 11kW

C Axis: Programmable Value: 0,001 degree

B-Axis / Stroke: 655mm-30min

Upper Turret: 1 Left

Upper Turret: 2 Right

Lower Turret: 3

Number of Tools: 12

Turret Indexing: sec 0,15 (1 pos)

Max. Speed: 4000rpm

Motor Power: 3,7 kW

X1- X2 -X3 Axis: Stroke – Rapid Traverse mm-m/ min 170-18

Z1- Z2 Axis: Stroke – Rapid Traverse mm-m/min 230-30

Z3 Axis: Stroke- Rapid Traverse mm-m /min 540-30

Y1-Y2-Y3 Axis: Stroke-Rapid Traverse mm-m/ min 90 (-4/+50)-9

Cooling System Tank Cap.: 450

Specs to be verified by purchaser

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Dan 815-236-1069 dan@wwechicago.com

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wwchicago • May 2, 2023

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