1998 Star SR16

Control: CNC Fanuc 16TT

LNS Bar Feed

Cap: 0.625″

Power: 3.7KW

RPM: 1,000RPM

Axis: 5

Main Spindle Indexing: 15 Degree

Turning Dia.: 5/8″

Head Stock: 8″

Stationary Tool: 5/16″

Spindle Speed: 500-10,000 RPM

Main Spindle Motor: 2.2 KW/ 3.7KW

Main Spindle Indexing: 15 Degree

Spindle Speed: 400-6,000RPM

Specs to be verified with purchaser

Contact us for more information at:

Dan 815-236-1069 worldwddan@gmail.com

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wwchicago • February 20, 2024

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