2016 Miyano

BNA-42S2 LNS Quickload Bar Feed 2 Radial Tools Control: Fanuc Oi-TD Coolant: 1,000 PSI High Pressure Turret: 8 Stations Spindle Speed: 6,000rpm Sub Spindle: 5,000rpm Max. Machining Dia.: SP1 42mm SP2-34mm Max. Machining Length: X Axis: 135mm Z Axis: 235mm B Axis: (Z2 Axis): 310mm Max. Number of Revolving Tool: 8 Specs to be verified…

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2005 Hardinge Conquest GT27SP Auto Loader

Control: Fanuc 18i Swing: 11.76″ Power: 5hp Max. RPM: 6000rpm Specs to be verified by purchaser Contact us for more information at Dan 815-236-1069 worldwddan@gmail.com

2008 Citizen L20VIII

CAV Bar Feed High Pressure Mist Collector Fire Trays Long Parts Attachment Control: Cincom M6 Capacity: 0.787″ Machining Dia. : 3/4″ Machining Length per One Chuck: 8.1″ Drilling Dia.: up to .394″ Spindle Speed: 200-10000rpm Max. Chucking Dia. : of Pick off Spindle .812″ Pick off Spindle Speed: 200-8000 rpm Pick off Spindle Motor: 2hp…

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2003 Citizen L20VIII

Iemca Boss 432 Bar Feed Mist Collector High Pressure Max. Machining Dia. : 20mm Max. Machining Length: 200mm Max. Front Drilling Dia. : 10mm Max. Front Tapping Size: M8 Spindle Through Hole Dia. : 24mm Main Spindle Speed: 10,000rpm Rotary Spindle Speed: 4,500 rpm Max. Chuck Dia. Back Spindle: 20mm Max. Tapping Dia. In Back…

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2012 Citizen L20IX

CAV Bar Feed High Pressure Fire Suppression Mist Collector Max. Drilling Diameter Main Spindle: 10mm Max. Tapping Diameter Main Spindle: M8 Main Spindle Through Hold Diameter: 26mm Spindle Speed: max 10,000min Rotary Tool Spindle Speed of The Opposed Tool Post: 5mm Max. Tapping Diameter For Rotary Tool Of The Opposed Tool Post: M4 Rotary tool…

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2018 Fanuc Robodrill

Ox-D21MiB5ADV with Robot ACIETA Full 5 Axis Control: Fanuc 31i-B5 Renishaw OTS Touch Style Tool Probe Renishaw OMP400 Spindle Probe Renishaw AxiSet Kits Software for Auto Kinematics Calibration Chip Flush ADV Model Has Higher Resolution Encoders Extra Z-Axis Travel Servo Driven Turret Simultaneous 5-Axis Control Tool Centerpoint Management (TCP) Nikken DD200BF2 Direct Drive Trunnion X…

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1997 Okuma 762S-BB

Control: OSP-700L Chip Conveyor Chuck: 10″ Tail Stock Max. Turning Diameter: 10.63″ Max. Turning Length: 19.68″ Max. Bar Capacity: 3.05″ Swing Over Bed: 21.65″ Distance Between Centers: 22.29″ X Axis Travel: 7.28″ Z Axis Travel: 20.47″ Rapid Traverse X Axis: 590IPM Rapid Traverse Z Axis: 787 IPM Spindle Nose: A2-8 Spindle Bore: 3.15″ Spindle Speed:…

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1998 Okuma 762S-BB

Control: CNC OSP700L Chuck Size: 8″ Chip Conveyor Tail Stock Max. Turning Diameter: 10.63″ Max. Turning Length: 19.68″ Between Centers: 22.29″ Max. Swing Around Bed: 21.65″ Bar Capacity: 3.150 Power: 22HP Max. RPM: 3500 X Axis: 7.28″ Z Axis: 20.47″ Number Tools: 12 Spindle Bore: 3.54″ Spindle Nose: A2-8 Specs to be verified by purchaser…

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2009 Citizen BL12V

We Have 5 Available! Control: Fanuc 21i-TA Max. Bar Capacity: 12MM Max. Turning Length: 30MM Work Diameter: X2.5 Spindle Speed: 12,000RPM Spindle Motor: 3 HP Sub Spindle Speed: 100-5250 RPM Sub Spindle Motor: 1HP Rapid Traverse rates: Z1 & X1 (708 IPM), Y1 & X2 (509 IPM) Hole Through Spindle: 14MM Turning Tool Stations: (4)…

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2007 Okuma ES-L10II

Control: OSP U10L Chip Conveyor 12 Position ID/OD Tool Turret Tailstock Chuck Size: 8″ Max. Swing Over Slant Bed: 21.65″ Max. Swing Over Carriage: 12.20″ Max. Distance Between Centers: 19.68″ Cross Travel X Axis: 8.10″ Longitudinal Travel Z Axis: 20.47″ Rapid Traverse Rate X Axis: 787 IPM Rapid Traverse Rate Z Axis: 984 IPM Number…

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2005 Okuma ES-L10

Control: OSP-U10L 12 Station Turret 8″ Kitagawa Hydraulic Chuck Hydraulic Tailstock with Power Quill Chip Conveyor Chip Pan Coolant System Automatic Lubrication System Foot Operated Control for Chuck Tailstock Max. Turning Diameter: 12.20″ Max. Turning Length: 19.68″ Max. Bar Capacity: 3.05″ Swing Over Bed: 21.65″ Distance Between Center: 24.6″ X Axis Travel: 8.10″ Z Axis…

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Hardinge GT27SP

Gang Tool CNC Lathe GE Fanuc 18T Control Bar Cap: 1-1/16″ Power: 5HP Max. RPM: 6000 Swing: 11″ Specs to be verified by purchaser Call Dan at 815-236-1069 or email at worldwddan@gmail.com.

2001 Star SV20

Control: Fanuc 16i-TB 2011 Edge Minuteman 320 Barfeed 20mm Pusher Parts Conveyor High Pressure Coolant Unit (WITHOUT PUMP) Backworking Attachment Synchronized Revolving Guide Bushing Unit (5) Station Tool Holder 1/2″ Main Spindle & Sub Spindle: C-Axis Control Function Stand Alone Coolant Tank Max. Turning Diameter: 25/32″ Headstock Stroke: 8″ Headstock Spindle Speeds: 500-10,000 rpm Spindle…

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2019 Hanwha XD32II

Control: Fanuc 32i-B Edge Technologies Patriot 338 Computerized Bar Stock Feeding System Tri-Mist Model 850 G2 Mist Controller Max. Turning Diameter: 32mm RPM: 6,500 rpm Power: 5.5kW Axis: 6 Specs to be verified by purchaser Contact us for more information at Call Dan at 815-236-1069 or email at worldwddan@gmail.com.

2019 Takisawa TCC-2100G L2

A-Type Gantry Loader System Control: CNC Machining Length: 7.5197″ Chuck: 8″ Hydraulic Chuck: Kitagwa N-08 Hydraulic Cylinder: SMW Autoblok SIN-S125 520W Coolant Pump Bar Capacity: 2.0079″ Power: 14.8hp Max RPM: 3,200 rpm Max. Spindle Speed: 4,100rpm Spindle Motor: 15 hp Turning Diameter: 12.598″ 12 Station Turret OD Tool Holder :(1″) x1 Boring Bar Holder: (01)…

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2018 Kitamura MY Center 3XD

Control: Arumatik-Jr CNC Chip Conveyor Tool Setter Table Size: 19.7″ x 33.9″ Table Size: 30″ x 20.1″ x 20.1″ Travels: X, Y and Z Rapid Feed Rates X&Y: 1,889ipm Rapid Feed Rates Z: 1,654ipm RPM: 12,000rpm High Pressure: 30hp ATC: 24 Tool Holders: CAT 40 Specs to be verified by purchaser Contact us for more…

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2016 Okuma MU-4000V

Control: Okuma P-300M EROWA Robot Compact 80 Pallet System Simultaneous 5- Axis Surfacing & Turning Max. Machining Volume: X 29.13″ / Y 18.11″ / Z 18.11″ Table Size: 015.75″ Spindle: 15,000 rpm Spindle Motor : 30/25 hp Rapid Traverse ( X,Y,Z) : 1,969 ipm ATC: 48 CAT 40 Auto Gauging Renishaw OMP 400 VA Tool…

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2017 Kiwa KH-4500

8 Pallet Machine Control: Fanuc 32i Type of Tool Shank: BT40 ( OP, CAT 40) Spindle Speed: 10,000 Direct Drive, OP 15,000 Direct Drive, OP 20,000 Built In Number of Pallets: 2 (OP, Single / 6/8 ) Pallet Size: 400x 400 (15.7 x 15.7) X,Y,Z Axis: 640 x 610 x 680 (25.2 x24.0 x26.8) Rapid…

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2016 Nomura NN-16SB6 V

Tool Holder (OD Tool) : 12.7 Chuck Sleeve: P16 Chuck Spring: P16 Spindle Cap: P16 Working High Luminous LED Light Automatic Lubricator Parts Catcher Parts Box Cut Off Tool Breakage Detector Automatic Power Interception Coolant Cut Off Detector Main Spindle Overload Detector Door Safety Interlock Leveling Pads Machining Diameter: 16mm Machining Length: Fixed Bush 160mm…

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1999 Tsugami BS-18B

Control: Fanuc LE-1 Capacity: .710″ Main Spindle Speed: 200-12,000rpm Power Rating: 3HP Indexing: 15 degrees Z Axis Travel: Fixed Guide Bushing: 5.51″ Chucker Model: 1.77″ Driven Guide Bushing: 3.15″ Programmable Servo Axis Destinations: Z Main Headstock In and Out: 5:51″ T1 OD Tool Slide Up and Down: 3.94″ X OD Tool Slide Right and Left:…

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